What makes NB Gin the world’s best gin?

We’re rather proud to be able to say that NB is the world’s best gin but what actually makes NB Gin the world’s best gin?

NB: World's best gin

Well, first of all, there was that award we won at the World Drinks Awards in 2015. After a round of intense judging where many of the world’s best gins were sampled and scored, NB Gin came out on top.

We were judged to be the world’s best London Dry gin, and the judges described NB as: “Herbal, grassy, muted nose. Creamy, butterscotch notes. Traditional nose with a nice oily texture yet not voluminous at all. Spice comes mid-palate and a clean finish.”

We would concur with all those tasting notes.

Of course, it’s not just the opinion of the World Drinks Awards that puts us up there with the world’s best gins.

Over our relatively short life as a Scottish craft gin producer, we’ve received incredible praise from gin connoisseurs from all over the world.

World’s best gin for the party architect to the stars

One such gin connoisseur was Johnny Roxburgh, who you might know as the party architect to the stars and, on occasion, the Royals.

Johnny was so impressed by NB Gin, that he promptly got in touch with us a couple of years ago to tell us just how much he enjoyed our tipple. A short time later, we were over the moon to have Johnny as a brand ambassador.

That relationship has gone from strength to strength and we’re now in another gin collaboration with Johnny… more on that big announcement in the very near future.

Our fans think NB is the world’s best gin

Awards and endorsements are great and all, but perhaps the thing that makes us most happy about our position, is the love and passion that so many of our fans have for NB Gin.

A quick look at our social channels and you’ll quickly realise that NB Gin has a special place in thousands of gin fans’ hearts… and their drinks cabinets.

As we proudly proclaim on NBGin.com, now that we can say NB Gin is the best, it’ll stay this way. That doesn’t mean winning awards. It means continuing to use only the finest of eight botanicals and remaining true to its perfected process.

What are those eight botanicals, we hear you ask. Well, we see no reason to keep them kept under lock and key (although our master distiller Steve might want to). So, the eight botanicals that go into NB Gin are juniper; coriander seed; angelica root; grains of paradise; cassia bark; ground cardamom; lemon peel and orris root powder. The consistently high quality of these botanicals ensures perfection between the small batches distilled.

So, that pretty much sums it up. More awards might come our way and we’ll be rightly proud of these, but it’s the fact that our fans love what we produce that really makes us believe that NB Gin is the world’s best gin.

NB Gin is produced in small batches in North Berwick, Scotland. Buy yours online from Master of Malt here.

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