Eight signs that you’re a gin connoisseur

Gin connoisseurs

It seems that just about everybody is in love with gin these days and that makes us very happy, so here are 10 signs that you’re a gin connoisseur.

Your drinks cabinet is really just a gin cabinet

It probably started with one bottle of gin. Now it’s in double figures and you’ve had to move all the lesser spirits to another cabinet. When you offer a guest a drink, you only mean a gin. Why would you want anything other than good gin in the drinks cabinet anyway?

Gin is your favourite topic of discussion

You know how it is, you’re out with friends but all they want to talk about is their ‘personal lives’. Do they not realise the massive gin news that was announced this week? Some people…

Garnish is important… incredibly important

Your fridge fruit drawer is a menagerie of weird and wonderful fruits that you dutifully keep stocked when those creative garnish urges take over. Pepper and strawberry? Oh, go on then.

You want to educate others about gin

If someone tells you that they don’t like gin, you make it your personal quest to change their mind. You’ll implore them to try an NB Gin neat and perhaps magic up a killer gin cocktail until they are persuaded that they were wrong and you were right.

You only visit establishments that serve quality gin

Your friends invite you to a new bar. You walk in and ask to see the gin list. “We only serve a couple of the big brands,” says the waiter. You turn around and walk out… and disown your friends.

Your last five holidays have been gin tours

You used to enjoy travelling Europe until it became clear that most of the world’s best gin is produced in the British Isles. From northern Scotland to the south England, there’s hardly a gin-producing region of the UK that you haven’t visited.

You’ve re-imagined every cocktail you can think of

No matter how risky, you’ll reimagine a cocktail using gin and you believe that every single one of them tastes better with gin (obvs).

You know every specialist tonic there is

From Fever-Tree to Q, you know every one of the ‘craft’ tonics and you’ve even compiled a pairing list for each one. It’s a serious business after all. For the record, we love Fever-Tree with our NB Gin.

NB Gin was voted the best gin in the world (London Dry) at the World Drinks Awards. Buy yours here.

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