Why we love a G&T

gin tonic cocktail

If you were to ask anyone to make a quick drink using gin, the vast majority would make a G&T. Not only because of its simplicity, but also it’s great taste. The G&T has become the staple drink of the gin market.

So, why do we love a good gin and tonic?

Because it tastes delicious, that’s why!

But is there perhaps some science behind it all?

The science bit

Research would suggest there is some chemistry behind it. The study goes on to explain that the molecules in gin and tonic are very similar – thus allowing them to attract one another, allowing them to mix. This sounds like a match made in heaven to us!

The quinine molecules from the tonic water and the juniper berries from the gin complement each other extremely well. So well in fact, that if you don’t like either drink on their own, you may still like a G&T – because it doesn’t taste like two different ingredients, but instead as a completely new taste.

So, if you don’t like either gin (pfft!) or tonic separately – try them together, in a G&T!

Did you know that the Philippines consumes the most gin in the world? Pugs and cats also love gin, apparently. Okay, the research may have gone a little odd at this point.

If this isn’t winning you over nothing will.

The folks at Buzzfeed put together this listicle telling us why gin is the best. We think 16 reasons is far too little, lets add more!

A psychopath?!

Reading more research, it has been suggested that if you love drinking gin and tonic, you could potentially be a psychopath.

It suggest that people who consume bitter-tasting drinks, such as a G&T, could possess psychopathic tendencies.

We think there is nothing cold-hearted about sitting back and enjoying a chilled G&T. Are we right?

There’s certainly a lot to think about when trying to figure out why we love a G&T: Is it the actual chemistry behind it, the style behind it, or is it because of the way we are all programmed?

One thing is for sure, we at NB Gin love a G&T.

This is our perfect serve:

Grab a hi-ball glass, fill it with ice, tonic water, NB Gin and either an orange or grapefruit wedge to top it all off.

Sit back and enjoy your G&T and perhaps ponder some more about why we love it so much.

NB Gin is a multi-award winning craft gin, distilled in North Berwick, Scotland. Despite the brand’s huge success, NB Gin is still distilled in small batches using the same exacting process that was established in the company’s early days.

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