Three cocktails to make in under three minutes

3 cocktails 3 mins

Hands up who likes cocktails!

Okay, so we are all guilty of sipping on cocktails when we get the chance, aren’t we? But some of us simply don’t have the time, or ingredients, to do so.

When we think of cocktails, we think of exotic ingredients from lands afar and a bartender in a bow tie furiously shaking a Boston tumbler over his shoulder.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Using everyday ingredients, you can make these simple gin cocktails at home in under three minutes.

You know what the best bit is? They are all stunningly delicious!



25ml NB Gin

25ml Vermouth

25ml Campari


Maybe not quite a cocktail to everyone’s liking, this classic Italian drink can be assembled within seconds.

Pour all three ingredients into a glass over ice. Then use the orange zest to rub the rim of the glass and drop it straight into the drink.

Boom – it really is as simple as that.

Martini cocktail


Stirred not shaken

60ml NB Gin

Vermouth to taste

Chosen garnish

A Martini is all about personal preference.

Once you know how much of each ingredient you prefer, along with your chosen garnish, you can muster up this cocktail within seconds.

Stirring the Martini instead of shaking also saves those valuable seconds that could be spent drinking.

Pour the ingredients and serve in a Martini glass.

Lime and Gin Gimlet


50ml NB Gin

25ml cordial

Can you get any easier than this?

The beauty of this cocktail is to always have the ratio of two parts gin to one part cordial.

We recommend using lime cordial for this drink.

Stir in to a coupe glass (optional) and garnish how you please – we recommend an orange or grapefruit wedge. It is the NB Gin perfect garnish after all.

So, there you have it – no excuses now. These are three cocktails you can make in under a minute, never mind three minutes!

Why don’t you try your hand at making these cocktails this weekend and tell us how long it took you to make them.

You get extra points for trying all three and sending us a pic on Facebook by clicking here.

NB Gin is a multi-award-winning craft gin, distilled in North Berwick, Scotland. Despite the brand’s huge success, NB Gin is still distilled in small batches using the same exacting process that was established in the company’s early days.

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