Meet the team: Viv Muir


It occurred to us recently that we spend so much time talking gin that we perhaps don’t talk much about ourselves so, in the first of a series, here’s a little bit more about Viv Muir, the co-founder of NB Gin.

Viv has gone from corporate lawyer to co-creator of one of the world’s most revered gins in less than five years. Impressive stuff!

NB Gin was the creation of Viv and her husband Steve who’s NB’s master distiller. Back then, the trials on botanicals were done with nothing more than an old pressure cooker in the kitchen.

That’s something that Viv is very proud of to this day.

As Viv told The Scotsman in an interview recently: “We were looking at how botanicals reacted with one another, and what the best mix would be to try and work out how you would create a distillation process.”

From then on, there was no looking back and Viv has overseen the day-to-day running of the company ever since as well as playing a key role in the company’s growth.

As well running NB Gin, Viv is a busy mum. If it’s not NB tasks, then it’s child tasks so she’s always on the go!

The big question is, how does Viv enjoy her NB Gin? It’s a no-brainer for Viv. She always goes for a classic NB Gin and tonic with an orange wedge garnish and plenty of ice.

NB Gin was voted the world’s best gin by the World Drinks Awards. Buy yours online here

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