Getting creative with gin garnishes

Gin garnishes

Remember the days when a gin garnish meant a slice of lemon and that was that?

We at NB Gin – home of the world’s best London Dry gin – are pleased to say that boring old gin garnishes with little or no creativity are gone!

Our perfect serve at NB Gin is a gin and tonic with a wedge of orange or grapefruit and plenty of ice. Simple but stunning.

Of course, we also love to experiment and get creative with garnishes too and one of the joys of being in this business is seeing all the fabulous ideas our fans come up with!

It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of adding cracked pepper to a gin and tonic would have been met with astonishment… and probably laughter. Thankfully, the discerning gin drinker is extremely open to the idea of creativity today.

A well chosen garnish – matched perfectly with the botanicals of the gin and the sweetness of the tonic – can turn a good gin into a great one.

We LOVE trying new things with garnishes and we’d encourage you to get creative with your own garnish ideas.

You might also want to try these garnish combinations:

Cranberry, thyme and black pepper

We LOVE thyme and when it’s matched with the hit of cranberry and just enough heat from the back pepper, a little bit of magic happens!

Blood orange and mint

Our friends at The Kitchin in Edinburgh made a blood orange NB Gin that was extraordinary. Adding a little mint to this one offers another dynamic.

Grapefruit and chilli

This isn’t for the faint of heart. We’re not even sure why it works… But it does!

Cucumber, mint and lime

Hello summer! This garnish for your G&T just screams sunshine. Of course, you could try it now too…

NB Gin was voted the world’s best London Dry gin by the World Drinks Awards in 2015. Buy your NB online here.

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