NB Gin’s gin calendar

Gin calendar

New year, same gin. We would not have it any other way.

We’ve mapped out your entire year in gin (yes, seriously). We’re good like that, you see.

Get your pens out and mark those diaries; these are the key dates of the year to be drinking gin (as well as all the other times of course) accompanied with the perfect serving suggestion.

February 1st

If you wanted to abstain from alcohol for a month and do ‘Dry January’ (Don’t worry we won’t yell!), then that is perfectly commendable. But now it’s February, so what better day to celebrate than the first of the month?

We want to congratulate you on your achievement, by celebrating with you.

Toast the occasion with your first G&T of the year (maybe). Lots of ice, tonic water, an orange or grapefruit wedge and served in a hiball glass.

Go a step further and show us your first G&T of the year/February. Make all your followers jealous.


During those BBQ weather months *fingers crossed* the perfect accompaniment to those steaks, hamburgers and grilled sausages is a light and refreshing NB Gin.

If your other half is hogging the barbeque, pretending he/she knows what to do, leave them to it. Sit back in your chair and enjoy this tasty little number.

Fruit Passion:

30ml NB Gin

2 tsp fruit glaze (recommended apricot)

30ml passionfruit juice

10ml lime juice

Assemble all these ingredients into a tall glass with lots of ice and BAM, you got yourself the perfect summer cocktail.


With the weather cooling and the leaves falling from the trees, get yourself a cocktail that compliments the changing seasons.

Poinsettia Punch:

30ml NB Gin

10ml lemon juice

10 ml Allspice Dram

5ml cinnamon syrup

In a large glass, add two large ice cubes and garnish with a slice of orange or grapefruit. The sensational colour this cocktail produces will resonate with the weather outside.

But you will be all wrapped up warm. Book in one hand and cocktail in the other. Come at me Autumn!

October 31st: Halloween

Make this the year that you finally succeed in hosting the spookiest Halloween party out of all your friends. Complete the event with a fantastic drinks selection.

Nothing really bosses a party more than a punch bowl. And in our opinion, a gin cocktail punch bowl.

NB Gin punch

A large bowl

Lots and lots of NB Gin

A bottle of champagne

350ml Maraschino liqueur

500ml + each of orange/pineapple/lime juice

Fresh fruits: Oranges, apricots, lime & lemon


Christmas is the time for cocktails. Also, why are we talking about Christmas so early? Didn’t we just pass it?

Simplicity is key in amongst the chaos of the festive season. Try an NB Martini – as mentioned on our website.

Mix it with the best Vermouth going, Cointreau and finish it with a twist of orange.

Serve half-filled with ice.


Regardless of how you plan to celebrate these occasions, have a great 2017. We wish you well.

NB Gin is a multi-award-winning craft gin, distilled in North Berwick, Scotland. Despite the brand’s huge success, NB Gin is still distilled in small batches using the same exacting process that was established in the company’s early days.

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