Five reasons why gin is popular again

Why gin is popular

Gin is more popular now than it has been for more than a century, but to us at NB Gin – the world’s best London Dry gin – that’s really no surprise.

Here are five reasons why gin is popular again.

Variety is the spice of life… and gin

One of the biggest drivers in the incredible resurgence of gin over the past few years is the sheer number of craft gin distillers that have popped up.

This is a global trend for sure but it’s probably more pronounced here in the UK. Scotland – where NB Gin is produced – has become a gin superpower in less than a decade. More than 70 per cent of all gin enjoyed in the UK is produced in Scotland. Proud!

Gin’s gone crafty

For a long, long time the gin landscape (ginscape?) was barren. A few of the so-called super brands churned high volume gins to those who still enjoyed a G&T but sales were largely stagnant.

Then something amazing happened… and NB Gin was part of it. The craft gin revolution happened. Much like what happened with beer a decade or before, suddenly high quality low-volume craft gin distilleries started launching.

London bars noticed and suddenly a G&T was the cool “new” drink to enjoy again.

The craft gin industry continues to boom and on average there are three new craft gin distilleries opening in the UK every week!

Gin is a simple pleasure

In an increasingly confused world, there’s something about the simple, no-nonsense pleasure of gin that resonates with people.

A lovingly prepared gin and tonic in a good bar or in the comfort of your own home is surely one of the most underrated pleasures in life.

Gin is versatile

Gin can be a simple pleasure, no doubt. But just ask any mixologist and they’ll tell you how incredibly versatile gin is.

NB Gin’s very own mixologist TJ Littlejohn is constantly inspired to come up with new and exciting cocktails with our gin, precisely because it’s so versatile.

Gin cocktails are hugely popular again. As well as the new (and sometimes crazy) offerings from mixologists, the old gin cocktail classics like the Gin Fizz have gone through a major resurgence.

Everybody’s doing it

As with any trend, gin’s popularity has increased exponentially and now it seems that everyone’s favourite spirit is gin. The craft gin word has spread throughout the world and consumers are becoming far more discerning about what they add to their tonic.

Is the craft gin revolution finished? Absolutely not! You only have to look at the sales of gin so far in 2016 to see that it continues apace.

Let’s drink to that craft gin revolution!

NB Gin was voted the world’s best London Dry gin at the World Drinks Awards in 2015.


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