Christmas gin ideas to make it a merry one

NB Christmas drinks

At NB Gin we love to get into the festive spirit (no pun intended… okay maybe a little bit), so we thought it was right on time to give you our favourite Christmas gin cocktails and serves.

NB Gin, in our humble opinion, is simply perfect as a G&T or neat, or perhaps with some ice. Our perfect NB Gin serve is with Fever-Tree Tonic, lots of ice and orange or grapefruit to garnish. But at Christmas time you must get a little creative, don’t you think?

So… here are the NB Gin perfect Christmas gin serves!

NB Gin Festive Frolic


Handful of fresh cranberries

Sprig of rosemary

Half a teaspoon of maple syrup

Healthy measure of NB Gin

Good glug of cranberry juice

The same of Vermouth

A splash of champers (other bubbles are fine)


Add the cranberries and rosemary sprig with a little glug of maple syrup to a shaker. Add the NB Gin, cranberry juice and Vermouth. Shake with ice. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. Finish off with the bubbles.

To garnish, use whatever makes you feel Christmas-y but we suggest a cherry.

NB Gin Mince Pie Magic


80g golden caster sugar

30g mincemeat

3 tbsp caster sugar

3 tsp mixed spice

3 tsp mincemeat

4 measures (25ml) of NB Gin (that’s more than a good glug)

Same of red Vermouth

10ml of dark rum (try Scottish option Dark Matter)


To make the mincemeat syrup, add around 100ml of water, golden caster sugar and the mincemeat to a pan. Bring to the boil. Cool and strain though muslin into a sieve.

In a separate bowl, mix the caster sugar and mixed spice.

Moisten the rims of four Martini glasses and dip into the sugar and spice.

Muddle (we love that word) the mincemeat in a shaker and add the NB Gin, Vermouth, rum, 60ml of mincemeat syrup and ice. Shake really, really well and strain into the glass. Wow!

NB Gin Fruity Festive Fun


1 orange rind strip (thinly cut)

A few fresh cranberries

1 tsp sugar

Lots of ice cubes (how cold do you want it?)

A very healthy measure or two of NB Gin

A small glug of fresh orange juice

Fever-Tree tonic to taste


Muddle (there’s that word again) the orange rind, sugar and cranberries in a cocktail shaker.

Throw in the ice cubes, the all-important NB Gin and orange juice. Shake until you feel the magic happening. Pour into whatever glass you want and top with the Fever-Tree tonic.

NB Rudolph


handful of cranberries
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
Glug of maple syrup
2 measures of NB Gin
Glug of cranberry juice
Good splash of sweet Vermouth
Splash Champagne
A marshmallow
2 cloves


Muddle four of the cranberries and a rosemary sprigs with the maple syrup in a shaker. Time for the NB Gin, cranberry juice and Vermouth to be added to the shaker and given the shaking treatment! Strain into a chilled coupe. Top with a splash of Champagne.

To garnish, place the remaining rosemary sprigs into the marshmallow to create antlers, pushing one in far enough to come out of the opposite side. Attach the remaining cranberry to the end that is sticking out for the nose, then place the two cloves between the nose and antlers to create eyes.

Originally created by Geoffrey Zakarian

NB Gin was voted the world’s best gin in 2015. To buy your NB Gin in time for Christmas, click here.

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