NB Gin and Johnny Roxburgh: A perfect match

NB and Johnny 2

NB Gin and Johnny Roxburgh have created a brand new gin, to be launched in the UK in 2017.

The collaboration between NB – voted the world’s best London Dry gin in 2015 – and Johnny – world renowned party architect to the stars – will see the new gin launched in April 2017.

Johnny Roxburgh Number 67 London Dry gin is a premium London Dry with Norfolk samphire as one of the prime botanicals.

NB and Johnny Roxburgh have worked closely since Johnny became a brand ambassador for the company in the early days of the brand.

Johnny said: “I can’t tell you how wonderful this gin is. It’s a really, really delicious gin. I think, myself, that it’s a gin that’s so good that drinking with tonic water, which of course works, is only one of the many options that one can have.

“You’re soon going to be able to try this wonderful gin and it’s going to be wonderful, thanks to the Muirs who’ve got a great distribution link for their own gins.

“When you have a chance to drink it, I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did in the 67 samples that were needed to make the final version. That is, of course, why it’s called Johnny Roxburgh Number 67 London Dry Gin.”

Johnny Roxburgh – originally from Scotland – is one of the world’s most revered party planners. His parties have become the stuff of legend and his past clients have included A-list celebrities and Royalty.

NB Gin is a multi-award-winning craft gin, distilled in North Berwick, Scotland. Despite the brand’s huge success, NB Gin is still distilled in small batches using the same exacting process that was established in the company’s early days.

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