The best gin bars in Melbourne


Our series on the best gin bars in the greatest cities of the world has gone down like a good G&T so we thought it was time to tell you about the best gin bars in Melbourne.

In no particular order, here are four of our favourite gin bars in Australia’s capital of Victoria, Melbourne.

Romeo Lane

Romeo Lane in Melbourne not only has a fabulous name, but a cocktail menu that changes every month. What this establishment lacks in size (it is rather tiny) it makes up for in atmosphere and creativity in the drinks it serves.

If you love your gin cocktails, you absolutely must check it out.


If you know NB at all, you’ll know that the classics are hugely important to us and a big part of our serves list. So, with that in mind, we love 1806 because they approach the classics in the same way we do.

This venue was originally known for its whiskies but has won quite the reputation as a fabulous place to enjoy a gin or two.

Gin Palace

Melbourne’s Time Out gave this incredible gin bar a Legend Award this year and it’s easy to see why. If you love gin and you’re in Melbourne, you’d be doing yourself a terrible disservice if you didn’t visit this place. It’s quite simply, fabulous.

The Gin Palace offers a dizzying selection of locally produced and international gins (you might even find NB Gin there). One of the most endearing things about this spot is the wonderful mix of its clientele. From tourists, to just-clocked-off office workers and serious ginthusiasts, this cosy establishment is a haven to all, and it’s a joyous place to be.

Eau de Vie

This speakeasy bar and cocktail bar in Melbourne’s CBD is one of those unassuming places from the outside, so much so that you could easily miss it. Once inside, it’s a different matter! Wonderfully talented bartenders produce gin cocktails that will blow your mind.

Their approach to the classics is understated and beautiful too.

NB Gin – voted the world’s best London Dry gin in 2015 – is available in many of the world’s greatest gin bars. To learn more about NB Gin – and its sister brands NB Navy Strength and NB London Dry Citrus Vodka – go to

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