Is your gin craft or just crafty?

Craft or crafty

Gin is most definitely in again with the clear spirit at the centre of a revolution. It seems like everyone is after the next new fashionable craft gin but is your gin really craft or just crafty?

You see, not all craft or artisan gins are created equal. For all the wonderful, inventive and delicious craft gins in the UK today, there are gins that are quite simply nothing but young pretenders.

When you buy something labelled ‘craft’ or even ‘artisan’ it gives you the impression that it’s been made in small batches, probably by hand by a small, independent distiller. That’s how we see craft gin anyway, and that’s exactly how NB Gin, Navy Strength and NB London Dry Citrus Vodka is made.

Craft distillers, and craft producers in every walk of life, put huge amounts of work into getting their produce just right, often with limited resources.

Craft gin is the spirit on everyone’s lips right now so it’s understandable that all sorts of brands would want a piece of the action… and here’s where the craft becomes crafty.

Some of the supposed craft gins out there on the market are actually not craft at all. They might look like they’re craft gin and they might even have the audacity to call themselves craft gin but they could actually be produced by large, in some cases multinational, distilleries in a fashion that’s not craft at all.

In fact they might be, what we’d describe as, mass produced in huge volumes.

The same thing happened in the craft beer revolution around a decade ago. When craft beer became the new rock and roll, many of the larger breweries began producing their own iterations which, of course, were only ‘craft’ in name and nothing else.

The result is that craft beer drinkers were duped into drinking something that wasn’t what it said it was.

As a craft gin producer, NB knows the lengths that genuine craft and artisan producers go to in order to get the product just right.

If you buy your craft gin because you prefer small-batch, independently-owned producers to large distillers making gin in massive volumes, then the next time you buy your favourite gin-y tipple, check to see if it really is what it says it is and ask yourself, ‘Is this craft gin or just crafty?’

NB produces small-batch London Dry Gin – voted the world’s best in 2015 – Navy Strength and the world’s first London Dry Citrus Vodka. Buy yours here today.

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