Why gin is everybody’s drink

Ernest Hemingway gin

Did you think gin is a drink only to be mixed with tonic? Wrong! Gin is such a versatile spirit it can be enjoyed in so many ways. The really good gins are even smooth enough to be enjoyed neat.

Here’s a whole bunch of reasons why gin is everyone’s drink… even if you don’t like G&Ts.

It doesn’t have a ridiculous name

Sick of the we’re-so-hilarious craft beer titles and ridiculous cocktail names? Yeah, so are we. If you have a problem with ordering a Sex On The Beach or an Appletini, then a gin is the drink for you.

It’s to be enjoyed slowly

In the same tradition as American-style sipping whiskies, good gin is a drink that can be enjoyed neat, or on the rocks as you talk with good friends.

It’s refreshing

Many people think of beer as the only refreshing drink in the summer but gin is actually one of the most enjoyable tipples when the mercury starts to rise.

Lots of ice, tonic (we suggest Fever Tree), and a wedge of orange with a good measure of gin. There are few revivers like it! Okay, okay, you don’t like tonic… try ginger ale or even lemonade.

It’s easy on the waistline

Looking to tone up for the summer? Six beers on a Saturday night definitely won’t help with that. At less than 100 calories per single measure, gin is one of the least-fattening alcoholic drinks there is. That means you can enjoy a few drinks and still achieve your 2016 fitness goals!

Historical figures enjoyed gin!

From the Queen to Ernest Hemingway to Winston Churchill, many of the world’s foremost thinkers and leaders have enjoyed a gin. You might not become a revered Prime Minister or write a masterpiece but at least you’ll be in good company… historically speaking.

Gin cocktails are classy, not crass

The raft of over-the-top concoctions available in today’s bars don’t exactly whisper “understated class” when it comes to cocktails.

But, gin is different. Gin allows the discerning drinker the chance to order a cocktail and still be refined. Whether it’s a Negroni or a Martini, gin cocktails are perfect for those who like to keep it classy.

Gin is most certainly in

For those who like to ensure they are on trend, gin is most definitely in. In a survey of London’s leading mixologists, more than 70 per cent said gin was the one spirit that they couldn’t do without.

NB Gin is a premium quality London Dry gin – voted the world’s best – and is distilled in North Berwick, Scotland. To learn about stocking NB Gin, contact us here.

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