Are you a sipper, classic or cocktail lover?

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At NB we like to think there are three distinct types of drinkers who enjoy our gin; the sipper, the classic lover and the cocktail lover. Read our guide and discover which you are.

Moment of relaxation

The sipper

The sipper is dedicated solely to gin. You drink your gin straight with lots of ice. You’ve no need for complications.

You enjoy the simplicity that straight gin can bring to the table but are never underwhelmed by it not having a mixer.

The sipper likes to enjoy their gin when they are relaxed. The working week is over and it’s time to give yourself a little reward. This is when the sipper chooses to indulge in their gin.

You might be listening to your favourite music, enjoying your drink in your favourite glass. Of course you use your favourite glass; you know the ratio of gin to ice fits perfectly in that one.

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The classic lover

Classic lovers will not settle for anything other than a Martini or an expertly crafted G&T, and even then they are very particular. They very much know what they like, and how they like it, paying close attention to detail.

When you drink a G&T the gin has to be NB Gin and the tonic has to be Fever Tree Light.

You believe very much that a G&T should not be toyed and messed around with, it should be given the respect it deserves.

Anyone who has the audacity to mess with a classic will not be welcome in your company.

When garnishing a G&T you’ll only ever enjoy it with a wedge of orange or grapefruit… perhaps lemon.

The tonic is there to simply enhance the gin. It’s there to whisper, not to shout, because for you the star of the show will always be the gin.

When you enjoy your other classic choice, the Martini, you always use NB Gin and dry Vermouth – not sweet – and that’s very important.

You never ever drink a Martini without the garnish. Your preferred choice here is probably a single green olive or lemon rind.

Female Friends Enjoying Night Out At Cocktail Bar

The cocktail lover

Cocktail lovers are usually daring and love to try something different, but gin will forever be the centre of attention for you when choosing a cocktail.

You’re the life and soul of the party. You’re bubbly, lively and, on occasion, just a little bit outrageous, and your choice of cocktail often reflects that.

When choosing venues for your big night out with friends, your priority is the cocktail list. You won’t just go to any old bar.

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