Ninety years of Royal fashion: Outfits the Queen has rocked

Queen Elizabeth fashion

Our Queen is now 90 we decided to take a look at some of her clothing choices from the past nine decades.

Her Majesty always looks immaculate so it was difficult to narrow it down to just 10 looks but here are our favourites.

Look 1 – Looking cute in 1935

Dating back to 1935

Even aged 9 Elizabeth was dressed in nothing but the best. You can see her and little sister Margaret dressed in matching coats (which we’re told were dusty pink and trimmed with deep pink piping), crisp white knee high socks and Mary Jane style shoes. Very cute.

Look 2 – A cheeky teal number

a cheeky teal number

The Queen loves head gear and she wears it well. This stunning teal jacket and hat combination compliments her skin tone perfectly. Adding a bit of bling wit, what we’re sure will be some sort of family heirloom, to finish off her look. Prince Andrew is looking very dashing and rather cute here too.

Look 3 – A leopard never changes its spots

A leopard never changes its spots

After being urged not to wear this number the Queen decided to show her controversial side and rocked this leopard-skin coat to the 1962 races at Sandown Park.

Look 4 – A purple beacon

a purple beacon

Seen here standing on The Great Wall of China with hubby Prince Philip and looking graceful as ever. Never one to fade into the crowd, this purple two piece is flattering and sophisticated and, from the look of love he is giving her in this picture, The Duke of Edinburgh agrees.

Look 5 – Spring has sprung

spring has sprung

If anyone can rock the mellow yellow look it’s the Queen. Wearing not only a rather sunny two piece but a smile that’s contagious. Combined with a floral shift dress underneath she is down with the kids on this one.

Look 6 – Taking it back old school

Taking is back old school

Pictured here looking very chic, the Queen definitely does not and has never done casual. With a corgi on one side and Prince Charles on the other, Elizabeth glides across Windsor Park in what looks like a staple camel coat.

Look 7 – Riding side-saddle

Riding side-saddle

Not many people can ride a horse side-saddle let alone do it whilst looking this good. The Queen looks Regal sporting her own version of official parade attire. Her corgis are not her only passion as she also has a strong love for horses.

Look 8 – Royal blue for a royal

Royal blue for a royal

A glamorous beacon of blue in a sea of red. Standing out from the crowd is never a problem for Lizzy. She loves a knee length coat and we do to. The Queen proves that just because you may be on the slightly small side it doesn’t mean you have to be a shrinking violet… or bluebell in this case.

Look 9 – Independent woman

Independant woman

This photo will without a doubt prove anyone who thinks that The Queen is afraid to get her hands dirty wrong. At aged 18, then Princess, Elizabeth trained to be a mechanic and truck driver and, if we do say so, she looks pretty fierce.

Look 10 – Our Royal Highness

our royal highness

Our final look shows The Queen swapping her staple hat for something a bit shinier. She certainly isn’t bad for 90 years old and is looking fab, yet again, in her formal Royal attire. Let’s face it though she always looks great.

NB Gin has been included in a new book commissioned by the Royal Family, The Queen at 90, which showcases a number of her favourite things.

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