Our hard-working Queen: A day in the life

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Our Queen, she’s a real worker and we can all agree on that. She probably attends more engagements in a year that what most of us do in a lifetime. She’s just turned 90 but that hasn’t slowed her down. In fact, her last few years as head of state have been as busy as ever.

This is what an average day looks like for the Queen.


The Queen normally starts her busy day by reading over a mountain of letters from the public. She receives around 300 a day so her staff also read many of these. She’ll also scan the day’s newspapers.

Later in the morning Her Majesty will meet with two of her private secretaries to go over State papers and cabinet documents and signs them where necessary.

At some point most mornings she’ll also meet with ambassadors and high commissioners for around 20 minutes each.


Often, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will host an informal lunch for a dozen or so guests but sometimes, lunch will be taken in private.

Most afternoons are taken up with public engagements. She attends between 300 and 400 events every year! There’s hardly a corner of the UK, or the globe for that matter, that she hasn’t been to.


Most ladies of the same age would use the evenings to relax, perhaps watch a little TV but not the Queen (although she does love Downton Abbey). Evenings are just as busy for Her Royal Highness.

Around 7.30pm on weekday evenings, a report on that day’s Parliamentary proceedings arrives at Buckingham Palace. The Queen, ever the hard worker, insists on reading these reports herself instead of passing them to aides for a briefing later.

Once a week the Prime Minister visits the Queen, usually on a Wednesday evening. No written record is made of the meeting, as tradition dictates. Perhaps they talk about the latest episode of Downton Abbey?

The Queen also hosts several official receptions every year, in the evenings. These might be at Buckingham Palace or one of the Royal Family’s other residences, such as the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s office Scottish residence.

NB Gin has been included in a new book commissioned by the Royal Family, The Queen at 90, which showcases a number of her favourite things.

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