Five things that happened at the Sony BRITs After Party


NB Gin was served to the stars for the second year in a row at the BRITs Sony After Party in London last week.

NB was the ONLY gin on offer at the event and A-list celebs and music moguls enjoyed it very much… in fact, they enjoyed it so much that they drank every bottle.

We had a blast at the event. Here are five things that happened…

A-listers loved NB GIN

We sent down a lot of NB Gin for the party… and we mean A LOT and by the end of the night, celebs and industry bigwigs had enjoyed it all. At one point towards the end of the evening there was one bottle left… but that soon disappeared too. The comments and compliments about our drink gave us the warm and fuzzies. Thank you London!

It was also fabulous to see NB showcased alongside brands like Diesel.

Mark Ronson delivered a killer DJ set

Imagine you’ve been hired to DJ at the Sony BRITs After Party and then Mark Ronson and entourage turn up and ask to spin a few tunes. How could you say no?

The house DJ gave up the decks for Ronson who delivered his musical mastery to a very grateful (and very hot and sticky) London audience.

“Mark Ronson is in… the… house!” That’s the line that got everyone to the dancefloor… obvs.

The hottest celebs turned up… and then disappeared

If you’ve never been to an A-list after party, you might imagine that the stars all arrive, get the obligatory paparazzi pics out of the way and then party the night away. Nope.

It’s BRIT Awards night so there are A LOT of after parties going on. The trick for the celebs, we learned from one pap, is to maximise their exposure by making an appearance at all of them.

So, there’s not always time to hang around at just one event.

Stars like Adele turned up, got snapped and left shortly afterwards. Of course, there were a huge number of celebs who did stick around too.

The Sony party was celeb central

Everywhere you looked there was another superstar in your line of sight. At one point in the evening, it would have been quicker to point out people that weren’t stars of stage or screen than those who were.

You might think you would quickly get blasé about celebs. We didn’t. We walked around the venue in constant amazement at all these famous faces. It was fabulous.

Our CEO made an appearance behind the decks with Mark Ronson!

NB Gin CEO Viv Muir was perhaps the boldest person in the room at the BRITs Sony After Party when she went behind the decks for a chat with producer extraordinaire Mark Ronson.

She enjoyed a few moments with Mr Ronson and offered him an NB G&T… it would have been rude not to.

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