NB Gin’s soundtrack to the summer on Spotify


A refreshing summer drink and music go together like, well, like an NB Gin and Tonic so we thought it was time to put together the NB soundtrack to the summer on Spotify.

Yes, but what does NB Gin or NB London Dry Citrus Vodka sound like in music terms? Well, wonder no more. You could say our soundtrack is uplifting, thoughtful, even epic at times. It was put together to be enjoyed on a warm summer’s day with a Gin and Tonic or perhaps Citrus Vodka and Lemonade. Oh yes!

We even asked you, our favourite fans in the world, to give us your song suggestions on Facebook and Twitter and you didn’t disappoint! You all have impeccable taste… that’s probably why you love our gin and vodka so much!

So, here it is. The NB Gin and NB London Dry Citrus Vodka Spotify Playlist (we really should come up with a snappier title):


Simply The Best, Tina Turner (suggested by Iram Amjad)

Mesmerizing, explosive and incredible; we love Tina and so does Iram who suggested this sing-along classic. What a way to get the party started!

The Beatles

Here Comes The Sun, The Beatles

We’re pretty sure there’s a law that says every soundtrack produced must feature a Beatles song. Where would music be without them? This little gem is less than two minutes long. It’s small but perfectly formed. A bit like an NB Gin and Tonic.

Stone Roses

She Bangs The Drums, Stone Roses

A controversial inclusion given the company it’s in but one we stand by. The Stones Roses spoke for a whole generation and were innovators of their time. Is there a catchier bass intro to a song? We think not.


Footloose, Kenny Loggins (suggested by Jason Logan)

This one will divide listeners. Cheesy? Of course it is! Ridiculously catchy? Absolutely! Does it deserve to be on our playlist? Well, Jason certainly thinks so and that’s good enough for us.

The Waterboys

Whole Of The Moon, The Waterboys

Ah now imagine pumping this classic out on a hot sunny day in the garden with a gin or vodka. Imagine no more. Just go and do it. You won’t regret it. In fact, put it on again!


Want To Want Me, Jason Derulo (suggested by Paul Millar)

One of the few current hits on our playlist (does that say something about our fans’ demographics?) but it’s a floor filler… or garden filler if it’s an outdoor party. A great suggestion from Paul.


RESPECT, Aretha Franklin (suggested by Sam Lockhart)

Ah Aretha, you really are a legend and we love you. Do you know anyone who doesn’t like this song? Of course you don’t… and if you do, disown them.

Dean Martin

That’s Amore, Dean Martin

We all know what it’s like when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, don’t we? Okay, perhaps not but what a song from Deano.

Beach Boys

I Get Around, The Beach Boys

A summer soundtrack without The Beach Boys just wouldn’t do so we had to include at least one of their hits. Try playing this without singing along. Go on, try it. It’s impossible.


Sex On Fire, King Of Leon (suggested by Greame Martin)

A track so full on and ballsy it’s hard not to get carried away listening to it. Turn it up and belt it out… just don’t spill your drink. Thanks Graeme!

Listen to the NB soundtrack to the summer on Spotify hereYou can buy your NB Gin and NB London Dry Citrus Vodka here.

Chin chin!

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