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Celebrity who gin

Okay, so we all know that gin is incredibly chic and cool and on trend once again (and about bloody time too!) but just to further highlight that point we at NB Gin thought we’d talk about celebs who love gin.

Perhaps our experience at the Brit Awards recently has gone to our heads a little and we’re now celebrity spotters. No, no, no. It’s not that. We love gin and we are suckers for celebrity news and gossip. That’s all.

Put those two together and the result is this blog. Taa-dah! Now, before we proceed with our three favourite gin celebrities, let’s clear something up. We haven’t included the ultimate spirit-drinking international man of mystery in this list and it pains us.

But the truth is that James Bond’s “shaken, not stirred” Martinis were Vodka Martinis. We’re taking this seriously so Bond, James Bond didn’t make the cut. Should we get out more? Perhaps. But let’s get going.



For all her controversial health kicks and bizarre workout regimes over the years, the Queen of Pop has always been quite open about her love of a drink from time to time.

And gin is her favourite tipple! Has she tried NB Gin? Well, we can’t say for sure but after her failed attempt at opening a cape whilst negotiating stairs at the Brits recently, she would have needed a stiff drink.

Of course, we were there keeping the NB Gin flowing at the Sony After Party but, alas, she did not make an appearance. Madge, if you missed out on an NB Gin and you’re reading this (highly unlikely), please get in touch and we’ll gladly oblige.

John Travolta

"Hairspray" ShoWest Photocall

He’s Hollywood royalty, he’s a commercial airline pilot, he threw shapes that had women swooning all over the world and… he loves gin.

Okay, so Mr T has piled on a few pounds over the years, but haven’t we all? He comes out with some weird stuff from time, so? And he’s allegedly quite fond of the cosmetic surgeon’s scalpel, but who cares?

We love that John loves a gin, in particular, a Martini. But we can’t say we’re particularly enamoured about the brand he chooses to drink… ahem.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth 2

Can we call Her Majesty a celebrity? We’re a little bit concerned that we’ll get into trouble for even suggesting Ma’am should be on this list!

We can’t imagine that she would ever have one too many but it’s a well-known fact that the Queen does enjoy a gin.

We also have it on good authority that NB Gin has been enjoyed at Buckingham Palace although we don’t know if Her Royal Highness has tippled our produce herself.

As you would expect, the Queen won’t drink just any old gin. She enjoys a Gin and Dubonnet – a French fortified wine aperitif – with a slice of lemon under an ice cube.

She is reportedly very particular about that. She is said to enjoy one of these fine drinks every afternoon with her lunch. How decidedly classy, naturally.

Chin chin!

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