• Kinky.
    But that’s the way
    we like it.
    The copperhead still that creates - and will only ever create NB Gin - may look perfect to the untrained eye, has a flaw. It has a kink in one of the pipes. A knock that came when it was knocked up.

    Now these same people would probably also say this ‘flaw’ needs to be ironed out. But we say ‘put your irons away’ because we know that the minor ‘imperfection’ plays a major part in making NB Gin the perfection we strive for.

    In fact quirks and handcrafting run right through the NB Gin distillation process.

    No matter what fads come and go only 8 botanicals will ever go into NB Gin; juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, grains of paradise, lemon peel, cassia bark, cardamom and orris root. And unless these 8 score 10/10 for quality they simply don’t make the grade.

    Equally no matter what the demand (and trust us it’s high) our kinky still will only ever produce in small batches. No more than 100 litres at a time so we can be 100% sure its perfect.

    That’s the price we pay for insisting that NB Gin is genuinely handmade, and that we follow to the letter the London Dry Gin process. Of which the two most important
    letters are clearly N and B.
  • To us, compromise is a
    four letter word.
    The quality of NB Gin comes from an understanding that compromise can never be part of the process. At every stage our master distiller is there to ensure that the standards never drop from perfection.

    Indeed his knowledge of four letter words is almost as extensive as his knowledge of gin. And they are freely deployed if at any stage the fanatical attention to detail slips. So if the distillation process runs over by just one second he’ll ditch the entire batch and turn the air blue.

    But just one sip and you’ll agree his uncompromising attitude is worth every drop.
  • With this gin
    I thee wed.
    Most people dream of meeting the man/woman of their dreams, living by the sea, starting a family. But for Steve and Viv their dream was to start a gin. The fact that they fell in love, moved to the East Lothian coast and started a family is just by the by.

    And together the single-mindedness they have put into perusing this dream is almost as impressive as NB Gin itself.

    A house turned into a ginnery, a kitchen that was more laboratory than cooking area, family press ganged into every aspect of production from label sticking to tasting (admittedly not much press ganging required there), all went into making NB Gin what it is today.

    In fact if you translated man-hours to output, each bottle of NB Gin would cost hundreds of pounds. It's something that accountants don't want to hear but it was worth it when we heard the verdict of the tasting panel. Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers London, whose family have been making gin for 300 years declared it to be “a very fine gin that was extremely likeable’.

    And for Steve and Viv that probably meant more than when the minister declared them man and wife.